Why Own A Restaurant?

There are a lot of answers to the question, "Why own a restaurant?"

(I won’t mention the sarcastic ones here!)

It isn’t the easiest business market to break into, but owning your own restaurant can be very profitable, and rewarding in so many different ways.

Many people work in the food service industry when they are young, to put themselves through school, or as a part time job to supplement their income. This is a great way to gain experience and learn more about running a restaurant. And, for a handful of people, the atmosphere, energy and excitement that comes from working in a successful restaurant is VERY appealing. After spending many years in the restaurant industry some people may decide they want to own and operate their own establishment.

Why Own A Restaurant?why own a restaurant

Reason Number #1

Some people NEED to be the boss. It’s not an ego thing, it’s something they are born to do. Some people are natural leaders and don’t do well working as a subordinate. This is one reason why people choose to own a restaurant. Being in charge and constantly busy is something that some people thrive on.

A restaurant would be a great business venture for the risk takers and determined entrepreneurs.

Why Own A Restaurant?: Reason #2

Cooking and culinary arts is a skill. If you’ve ever met someone who is a GREAT chef or cook you understand they have a passion and a calling for this job. College and university education is available to further this area of expertise. Having vast knowledge of different culture and food types is beneficial to any restaurant. The simple love of cooking may be reason enough for some people to pursue owning their own restaurant. When a cook or chef has a real passion for a specified cuisine that is a great reason to own a restaurant. When you truly love what you are doing it makes all the difference in the world.

Why Own A Restaurant?: Reason #3

Great, proven franchise opportunities. There is a higher level of security (very little risk) buying into a well known franchise. Franchise fees and other costs will apply but often easily pay for themselves over time. Joining a leading franchise chain can greatly increase your personal take home profit over the years. Many owners start out with a single franchise, and expand to multiple locations.

Why Own A Restaurant?: Reason #4

This is my personal favorite. If you do it right, you are surrounded by great staff. Work in a vibrant atmosphere. Make a ton of friends and acquaintances, because EVERYONE wants to have the owner know them by name. And, you get to eat amazing meals (without having to pay full price!)

There are a thousand different reasons why different owners have created and built their restaurant businesses. You’ll need to figure your personal, unique answer to the question, "Why Own A Restaurant?"