Giving A Tired Restaurant A Makeover

The number one reason for a restaurant looking old and tired is that it is a direct reflection of it’s owner!

Many enthusiastic owners lose their energy and lust for their business once they realize they’ve bought a job, not a business. If they owner has to be physically present 7 days a week, they stop fussing over the details. First it starts with the small details, and then the bigger ones.tired restaurant

A tired restaurant usually means a tired owner.

It isn’t long until you end up with a tired staff, and your customers sense the apathy and they go somewhere else. (In addition, the ones who stay, you don’t really want anyway!)

1. Change things up:

Change SOMETHING drastically. If you don’t have the energy to do it, hire someone who does. Hire some new, more energetic staff for your restaurant business. Start some staff competitions for sales. If not, things won’t stay the same, they will get worse.

2. Shrink your product line (What?)

I know, this sounds counter productive, but it works in certain circumstances. Many times, when a restaurant if floundering, the owners first solution is to expand the menu. More selection means more inventory, which can lead to more spoilage and waste. And, unfortunately, you can’t be all things to all people. Instead of being known for the “BEST “X” In Town”, you become a mish mash of all things to any customer that will come your way.

Take an eraser to your menu. Pretend that you are starting a restaurant from scratch. Become unique in your niche. Whatever you decide to specialize in, do it BETTER and BEST in your area. Make sure you out do all your competitors in ONE thing. And then let everyone know about it. Taking away choices from your menu will allow you to become a specialist. People will pay more for THE BEST rather than a generalist. It gives you tighter control of your costs, and allows you to charge a premium for your BEST product. It will also help you streamline the efficiencies in your operation.

Streamlining your product to focus on ONE niche is a bold move. My hope is that this idea gives you the vision, and energy, to revitalize your tired restaurant.