The Best Deals On Used Restaurant Equipment?

When thinking about starting your own restaurant many people try to reduce their start-up budget by buying used restaurant equipment. They surf around and look for deals on used restaurant kitchen equipment and furnishings. Unless you have a rich uncle most first time restaurant owners have a hard to justifying brand new restaurant kitchen equipment in their start up budget. Once they get a glossy sale brochure and price list of new equipment most aspiring restauranteurs look for cheaper alternatives.

(I actually owned a restaurant where I paid ZERO for my used restaurant equipment and installation. click here to read that whole story......)

Where To Find Used Restaurant Equipment

In almost every city you'll find "Used Restaurant Equipment Brokers" or "Used Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Brokers". These small companies generally buy out restaurants that have closed, or have decided to upgrade/update their kitchen equipment. This type of brokerage usually doubles as restaurant equipment repair people.

They tip out older restaurant appliances and other equipment, transport it to a warehouse, clean it up and repair it, and then offer it for sale. In most cases, you'll be able to get working equipment with a short term warranty for a good price. Of course, you won't get the very best price because the broker will need to get paid for their time, and make a HEALTHY profit.

There was a used restaurant equipment broker in my area named Jim. He recently retired and sold his business. In his prime Jim was one of the wealthier businessmen I knew. How did I know? He used to come into to a large place I was managing. He would bring in friends and family, spend a lot of money, and tip VERY well. He wasn't boastful or arrogant, but it was very obvious Jim was making a very nice living as a used restaurant equipment broker.

Other Sources Of Discount Used Restaurant Equipment

If used restaurant equipment brokers can make a profit by purchasing restaurant equipment for closing or upgrading restaurants, why can't you? Of course, you'll have to keep an eye out for those opportunities, and have cash ready. Also, you'll need a place to store the equipment. You might have to overhaul some of the items. You can find amazing deals if you watch craigslist, ebay and kijiji.

The Downside To Great Deals On Used Restaurant Equipment

If you are looking for a dual burner Bunn coffee machine you can find it on ebay or craisglist and save a lot of money. However, if you are looking you used restaurant equipment to setup a brand new restaurant kitchen there are other expenses you need to keep in mind. Many localities now require you to install a specific grease trap.

Electrical connections and plumbing need to be done (by a licensed professional). Many of these things need to be passed by inspectors, health inspector and local business license inspectors.

One of the major costs of outfitting a new restaurant with used restaurant equipment is the hood exhaust fan. Most of these hood fans are customized for each space. And, the installation and venting of your kitchen hood vent is best left up to the professionals.

It is smart to look for the best deals on used restaurant equipment for everything from furnishings, signs, tables, chairs and kitchen equipment. And, if you are really enterprising you might find the opportunity to get a completely equipped kitchen for very little, or no money at all.

The more money you save on equipping your restaurant the sooner you'll be in profits. A good way to cut initial start-up costs is by finding the best deals on used restaurant equipment.