How To Operate A Restaurant

You may be wondering, "Once I get my restaurant open, how should I operate my restaurant?

Personally, the operation of my restaurant and the systems and controls I put in place were the major reason for my restaurant success.

The first thing is to make sure you have a well detailed, dynamic business plan that you can constantly refer too. It should change and be updated as time goes on.. If your restaurant isn't open yet you can spend the majority of your time concentrating on what needs to be done to get it open. However, if you don't plan for what happens AFTER you open you'll be caught flat footed.

Your restaurant business plan allows you to map out exactly what your objective is regarding your theme, target market,cuisine, marketing, promotion, budgeting and time lines. If you don’t have the financial ability to cover the start up costs yourself then you will need a viable business plan to secure an investor or a business loan.

operate my restaurantFinances are a huge part of operating your restaurant. Accounting is no easy task and all it takes is one mistake to mess up the entire process. Keeping track of the ins and outs of money is a daunting task and one best undertaken by a professional. Either way, money management is up to the owner when it comes to spending and the purchase of goods. It’s imperative to record every financial change. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary loss.

So if you’ve decided that you are going to open a restaurant and make your dream happen, staff must be properly hired and trained. The first and main thing your customers will notice is the serving staff. If the service is not acceptable the customers will make no effort to return to your establishment.

Forging a good working relationship with your kitchen staff a front of house servers is important. When employees feel valued and respected by their employer they tend to do much better work.

In the restaurant business your servers are the sales pitch to your patrons. Being closely involved with them on a friendly but professional basis will be extremely beneficial.

Covering all of the bases and business details can be tedious and time consuming. However, it is a necessary part of gaining a foothold in the restaurant industry.Visit other restaurants and take note of their systems and operating procedures. Dissect every minute of your upcoming restaurant in your head. Write down all procedures. That's how I operate my restaurant, and you should execute that level of detail when you operate your restaurant.