Get More Customers Into My Restaurant!

If you’re opening a restaurant, or own an existing one, you’re probably asking yourself how to get customers into your restaurant. Assuming you’ve already got excellent food and good service, there are several ways to attract more customers. First, many of the old traditional ways no longer work (Yellow Pages, radio and TV ads, etc.,) We are in a new time. It is smart to utilize technology and social networking to attract customers. (more about that later). For now, here are a few old school guerilla methods that still work today.

How To Get Customers Into My Restaurant #1: Cold Call Local Businesses

Drop by all the local businesses in a two to three mile radius of your business. Deliver copies of your menus to the receptionist, and offer a quick, friendly business pitch: “My new deli would be a perfect place for your employees to go during their lunch hour. We offer healthy foods served quickly” or, “When employees are tired after a long day of work, I hope they’ll consider coming to my steakhouse. It’s got a soothing atmosphere, and we serve all the comfort foods they probably don’t have time to cook.

How To Get Customers Into My Restaurant #2: Offer A Deal

Two-for-the-price-of-one offers are always a good idea. They give friends a chance to explore a new hangout for a decent price. You might also want to consider offering a free dessert or appetizer.

How To Get Customers Into My Restaurant #3: Give Them A Reason To Come Back

If people will rearrange their entire vacation schedules to fly on airlines that give them frequent flyer miles, they’ll certainly be willing to drive a mile or two extra for a restaurant that gives them incentives for being a returning customer. You can start small; after their third meal, they get a free baseball cap or water bottle - and get bigger; maybe offer the tenth meal (value $20 or less) is on the house.

Many of these "old school" methods can be automated or increased in efficiency by using the internet. The concept is still the same. You MUST constantly promote your restaurant. There is a lot of competition in the restaurant business these days, but these tips will give you the boost you need to rise above your competitors. It’s a good idea to spend a little time each day thinking and working to get more customers into my restaurant.